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Hush Acoustic Roofing Infils

Acoustic insulation solutions for roofing

Incorporating acoustic insulation into the design of roofs is crucial to deliver finished buildings which provide acoustically comfortable internal environments.

This is particularly important with structural metal roof decks of the types commonly used in applications such as industrial buildings, leisure centres, healthcare facilities, schools and universities. The reason for this is that they can contribute to high levels of reverberation and echo within internal spaces because, unless treated, they offer little or no capacity to absorb soundwaves resulting from everyday activities such as speech and music playing.

An effective and easy-to-install solution from Hush Acoustics to prevent this issue in metal roof decks is provided by Hush Acoustic Infills. These are factory-cut from rigid slabs of non-combustible mineral wool to suit the upper profile of structural metal roof decks, purpose-designed to fit the trapezoidal shape these spaces present.

This product, which is sometimes referred to as an acoustic trough-infill or an acoustic profile filler, is normally supplied in 1200mm lengths to suit the specific metal deck profile used in the building. It is water-repellent, does not deteriorate over time and it is non-combustible in accordance with BS476: part 4 (1984).

Four densities of the Hush Acoustic Infills mineral wool core are available to achieve the target acoustic performance level. These are graded as light (45kg), standard (60kg), dense (80kg) and fire rated (100kg) and specified according to the reduction in reverberation time sought.

The products can be supplied in two ways – faced or unfaced, with the latter being suitable only for non-perforated metal decks. For perforated decks, acoustic infills are supplied with black or white glass tissue facing on the lower three sides (with facing possible on all four sides if required) to prevent migration of the mineral wool fibres. The facing also helps to maintain the aesthetics of perforated metal decks when visible inside the building.

Through the use of Hush Acoustic Infills, architects can develop ceilings with Class C acoustic absorption and design their project in accordance with the requirements of Approved Document E (England & Wales), Section 5 of the Scottish Building Standards (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland). They may also contribute to successful designs compatible with key guidance and standards including Building Bulletin 93 (The Acoustic Design of Schools).

In addition to these acoustic trough fillers for profiled metal roof decks, Hush Acoustics also offers another form of insulation for flat roofs in its Hush FR Acoustic Membrane. This is designed to reduce airborne and impact noise in lightweight flat roof constructions, including noise resulting from rainfall, which are typically used in schools, healthcare facilities and industrial buildings.

In a variety of tests conducted by the UKAS-accredited Sound Research Laboratories (SRL), Hush FR Acoustic Membrane was shown to deliver clear acoustic improvements as part of several different flat roof constructions. Airborne acoustic performance was tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 and impact performance generated by rainfall in line with BS EN ISO 140-18:2006.

The exact level of sound insulation that this membrane provides will depend on the design of the roof and other materials used, but useful guidance is provided in the data resulting from the five different roof constructions tested at SRL. This can be found in the Hush FR Acoustic Membrane technical datasheet.

Supplied on a 1250mm wide roll, Hush FR Acoustic Membrane is manufactured from recycled rubber crumb bonded with polyurethane which results in a density of 770kg per cubic metre. It offers fire resistance in line with Efl (EN 13501-1) and is resistant to acids and bases, as well as being rot-proof and water resistant.

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