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Kings House School

Client:Kings House School

King’s House in Richmond, South West London, a wonderful, lively and busy all boys school in which Hush Acoustics were contacted to help with acoustic issues within their Junior Department.

Housed in two Victorian buildings, the problems were originating within their dining hall. On speaking to Scott Beavers, Estate Manager for Kings House, he explained how the increased noise levels during lunch service in the dining hall were extremely disruptive. The hall itself was surrounded by hard surfaces with no sound absorption which again caused issues when trying to deliver assemblies.

Scott explains

We invited a few companies to come in and offer us some solutions. Hush Acoustics attended and were very knowledgeable and understanding of the issues we were facing

We initially visited the school in December 2017 and carried out tests using our Acoustic Modelling Software to measure the reverberation time within the area. Reverberation time is the most common way of expressing a room’s basic acoustic character. It is the time taken for a steady noise to decay by 60dB after its source has been abruptly cut off.

After analysing the result of the tests, we calculated that 31 of our Hush 50A panels were needed across the ceilings of the two areas to significantly reduce these noise levels. Hush 50A panels are Class A Absorbers which consist of fabric wrapped 50mm thick acoustic foam, with built in support frames allowing for bracket fixing, which in turn, provide an air void behind the absorber for enhanced acoustic performance. We used varying sizes of these panels for maximum noise reduction as well as to be visually pleasing.

Our panels comply to BB93 standards for school acoustics and building regulations and can also be provided in a variety of different finishes.

Since installing the Hush 50A panels, we have received excellent feedback from Kings House Estates Management that the enhancements made to the space, have made a huge difference for the school as well as the children.

Scott Beavers says “Work was carried out professionally and the sound reduction/intensity has decreased dramatically. This has really made a great improvement, thanks!”

If you work within a school and are experiencing similar issues to Kings House, during lunch time, assemblies or other activities that you are carrying out, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can look into solving the issues for you for a more relaxed and positive learning environment.

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