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Reducing noise with a Radiology Department

Client:Everlight Radiology

Renowned as specialist consultants throughout the UK, Australia and further afield, offering 24-hour radiology reporting, Everlight Radiology, based in London were experiencing noise nuisance within both their Boardroom and Video Conferencing room, noticeably affecting speech clarity.

Identifying noise problems

Offering urgent after hours and daytime consultant radiologists to hospitals throughout the world, it was imperative that these rooms were treated quickly in order for the practice to continue with their duty of care and excellent service.

Initially, Everlight were looking to purchase printed Acoustic Boards through another company, who were offering Class C absorption panels, with an acoustic inner and set within a wooden frame, Daniel, the chief executive officer had reached out to us to gain more specialist advice on sound absorption.

Rob Crampton, Hush Managing Director, visited the Everlight Office and found the rooms to be suffering from terrible reverberation and echo noise. Able to offer Daniel professional and technical advice, along with carrying out an acoustic assessment, Rob presented Daniel with his findings and specified Hush Absorber Panels 50 & 50A as a resolution to the problems in these areas. It was imperative for the ceilings to be treated, in order to get the sound result that our client was anticipating.

Faced with a vast array of asymmetrical ventilation ducts and lights on the ceilings in the rooms in question, consideration was taken in to the placement of the acoustic panels and a sketch was drawn up to give possible layout options, which were agreed by our client.

Using the correct absoption and acoustic Panels

Hush Absorber Panels are Class A absorbers and are made from fabric wrapped 50mm thick acoustic foam. They have built in support frames to allow for bracket fixing, to provide an air void behind the absorber for enhanced acoustic performance. Class A absorption is of the highest level, with Class E being the lowest and this scale ensures simple comparison between acoustic products, which is important when choosing the right product for maximum impact on sound reduction and speech clarity.

Included in our client’s brief, was a request for particular panels to be printed. Our client wanted to incorporate their brand logo and hero statements, intended to remind their clients and staff members using the room, of their key messaging and values. The pictures supplied to us were designed in-house and delivered to us in high resolution, the results of which, were wonderful.

Our client expressed interest in having larger boards for the Video Conferencing room, to the bespoke sizing of 2050 x 1300 x 50mm. These panels were made to order, and provided in colours Chrome and Smoke, which were then organised in a checked pattern on the ceiling. The Hush 50A Absorber Panels were installed using suspension packs, which allows for the air void behind, whereas the Hush Absorber 50 Panels were installed using the Hush Absorber Adhesive, making them clean and easy to install.

Our client, as well as ourselves are delighted with the finished result, not only practically, but aesthetically. The colours chosen along with the custom printing reflects the business looking smart, clean and contemporary and resolves the reverberation issues that they were originally facing.

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