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Warren Court New Development that used a Hush acoustic system for their residential sound proofing

Residential Development – Warren Court

Client:Marlowe Building Contractors
Location:Warren Court in Sturry, Canterbury

Warren Court is a brand new development of 9 luxury two bedroom apartments. Hush provided Marlowe Building Contractors with advice and materials for the apartments soundproofing to give acoustic performance better than New Build standard.

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) energy ratings had already been calculated and passed before Hush were involved with the acoustic design. The structure consisted
of lightweight masonry walls and a timber joist floor structure. We were unable to change the structure due to SAP compliance so we had to come up with a comprehensive design to ensure compliance to the Building Regs with this form of construction detail. The biggest issue on this development was the continuous lightweight block walls that may be thermally very efficient but are an acoustic nightmare.

In order to go over and above the new build standard all blockwork and timber floor joists were isolated on Hush Resilient Seating. We isolated all the ceilings by using Hush Suspended Ceilings in the main and used Enhanced Clip and Channel System where the floor/ceiling heights were at a premium. Hush Panel 28 was provided throughout as the floating acoustic flooring system.
We carried put Pre-completion sound tests which achieved results well in excess of the new build standard.

Airborne sound test results ranged from 49 dB (DnTw+Ctr) to 61 dB (DnTw+Ctr)

Impact achieved was 46 dB (LnTw), 16 dB better than the required new build standard.

The results were due to both the overall specification but also to Marlowe’s attention to detail.

The overall finish is of high quality, aesthetically pleasing, combined with great acoustic performance.

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