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Acoustic Joist strip for soundproofing timber joists

How do you soundproof floor joists?

Impact noise in separating floors can be one of the major disturbances for occupants living in mixed-dwellings.

In homes such as HMO’s (House in Multiple Occupation), flats and apartments, the sound of continuous footfall can be the reason why many tenants or homeowners move on.

A workplace has a similar issue, especially if you have warehousing and manufacturing mixed with office space. Concentration levels can be reduced due to external noise.

So is there a solution to soundproofing separating floors?

The short answer is yes! In fact, every time the team at Hush Acoustics get a problem enquiry – we set our mind to design a new acoustic system to specifically solve that issue. Recreating the type of build and construction and sound testing it to see how well it works.

Simply check out our soundproofing solutions page and select the type of floor construction you have.

But what about soundproofing floor joists in general?

There is absolutely a pretty simple solution for that too! And that’s why we designed and manufactured the Acoustic Joist Strip.

The creation and introduction of the joist strip was to provide some sort of insulation between the joist and the floorboard above. As you can imagine, sound is usually created when impact such as footfall on the floor above vibrates the floor, which vibrates the joist and then vibrates the roof panel or drywall.

So what is an acoustic joist strip?

Resilient strips are a great alternative to laying flooring boards over the top of existing joists. They’re easily installed by stapling them onto wood beams, and when used correctly they meet requirements for all UK Building Regulations – Approved Document E (England & Wales), Section 5 in Scotland, Part G in Northern Ireland.

The Hush-Felt 25 joist strips are suitable for new build and refurbishment projects. They are particularly useful in conjunction with underfloor heating systems, as they present the firm surface needed to support all types of flooring boards. The slats have a double layer of 10mm resilient material that is important because it creates an even base on which common floorboards can be laid down smoothly without creases or bumps potentially disrupting the installation process itself.

Easy installation

Before the installation, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll want to lay out all of your strips end-to-end with their felt side up and staple them together using 16mm staples through each strip into the joist top. A 10 – 15 mm expansion gap should be left around every perimeter (the inside edges) before laying down Hush Bond adhesive for underlayment application on each hardboard pad that will go over it. After this is done measuring everything again because now boards can overlap where different pieces meet which means no cutting!

At the same time the flooring boards are glued at all tongue and groove joints board to board. Hush-Seal 20 Perimeter Seal is then pressed into the perimeter expansion gap ensuring that the floor floats freely of the walls to maintain acoustic isolation.

Other solutions to soundproof floor joists

Hush-Felt 25 is one of several options in the Hush Acoustics range, which offers solutions for reducing impact sound transmission through timber internal floors. Other popular products are Hush-DF 10 joist insulation and Hush Slab 100 – acoustic mineral wool tightly fitted between the joists, with each product offering a different approach to reduce noise levels within flooring structures. You can read more about how acoustic mineral wool improves soundproofing here.

Additional joist treatments available from Hush Acoustics which could be used depending on the separating floor’s construction, include Hush Isolation Tape, a self-adhesive foam/rubber tape attached to the top of joists, and Hush Resilient Seatings, load bearing rubber strips designed to isolate timber joisted construction as well as masonry and metal beam construction.

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