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Hush Acoustics expand their technical support for Builders and Merchants.

Builders’ merchants are hugely popular throughout the UK, where builders, contractors, self-builders, renovators and home owners visit to buy their building materials. Hush Acoustics supply a wide range of high quality soundproofing products to national and local merchants throughout the country. To demonstrate our commitment further we have recently developed specialist promotional materials to boost sales and strengthen relationships for merchants and their customers.

Hush has created a handy A5 brochure and range of posters for builders’ merchants to display in their branches. They show our wide range of high quality acoustic products and systems as well as useful technical data, product guides, project information and more. The brochures are a handy reference guide for builders, contractors and other visitors to take away and research for their project.

How we can help builders’ merchants

Here at Hush Acoustics, we realise that central to the success and demands that builders’ merchants have are stock availability and technical advice. Their branches have to be constantly stocked to guarantee maximum availability for customers and ensure no sale is lost through lack of stock.

Technical knowledge and competency complement the stock availability where staff advise customers on matters such as material selection, product suitability, project guidance and other useful bits of information.

Builders, contractors, self-builders and other visitors generally have various requirements from their local builders’ merchants, like whatever product they need is in stock and available to pick up (quite often at short notice!); the products they buy are high quality and fit for the purpose intended; the products adhere to UK Building Regulations; and finally, staff are able to give reliable, useful technical information regarding the products.

Expert logistics and timely deliveries ensure builders’ merchants are fully stocked

Hush Acoustics are a complete soundproofing solutions supplier for builders’ merchants throughout the UK. Our range of high quality acoustic products and systems are readily available for fast dispatch from our Liverpool-based headquarters. We can drop ship deliveries to multiple branches or straight to distribution depots, ensuring builders’ merchants are always fully stocked with acoustic materials.

High quality acoustic products for satisfied customers

Our wide range of high quality, cost-effective acoustic products and systems are the result of over 30 years continuous research and development. By using our soundproofing products, builders, contractors, self-builders, renovators and home owners are confident that their build project will comply with UK Building Regulations Approved Document E (England & Wales), Section 5 of the Scottish Building Standards (Scotland) and Approved Part G (Northern Ireland), including Robust Details, BB93 and BREEAM.

Competent technical support that adds value to builders’ merchants

Our technical support team ensures any soundproofing query is swiftly resolved. Many of our team has been either with the company for a number of years or have worked with acoustics for a long time, so you can be assured that the advice they give is reliable and accurate.

Hush Acoustics is happy to offer technical advice to builders’ merchants or their customers e.g. builders and contractors etc, therefore our support network is extensive. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading, unmatched level of service, that already benefits builders’ merchants up and down the country.

We simplify soundproofing for building projects

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for any build project, as each building has its own parameters when designing and installing floor, wall and ceiling soundproofing constructions. Here is a brief overview of what to suggest to builders involved in soundproofing:

What is the building type? Generally, refurbishment and change-of-use projects are a bit more difficult to design effective soundproofing, due to the unknown construction quantities that will exist. With new build developments you are generally guaranteed a more stable construction, however with modern design trends and construction budgets being squeezed it is important to get the soundproofing solutions right.

What is the application of the project? Residential, education, hospitality builds all have their own respective guidelines and regulations to follow e.g. BB93 regulates soundproofing designs for education environments.

What is the level of sound control required? For example, sound absorption refers to controlling sound reflections within a room and affects room occupants only. Whereas sound reduction involves reducing sound transmission between adjoining rooms and affects neighbours.

Request our new builders’ merchants’ brochure and posters

Our new brochure and poster collection are dedicated for builders’ merchants’ branches. The brochure is a handy size (A5) for builders and contractors to take away and refer to afterwards. It contains extensive product information, acoustic data, project guidance and other handy bits of information that can be referred to while on the job.

To request our brochure and posters please contact our team and we will be more than happy to send them out.

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