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Selling your home with noisy neighbours

You could move, but that might not be so easy. According to a recent survey by property site Selling Up, 70% of potential property buyers would lose interest immediately if they find out your home is affected by noisy neighbours, and 17% would reduce their offer.

Do you need to declare a noise issue when selling a property?

According to there have been cases where the new owner has taken out legal action against the old proprietor for not warning them against any neighbourhood issues; especially noisy ones!

Although most situations are fairly amicable, it is advised that you mention anything that is going to impact the new property owner in the SPIF form (Sellers Property Information Form). Your solicitor will provide you with the form when selling your property and it usually contains information such as boundary disputes.

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So what’s a noisy neighbours problem?

We’ve all been there: the folks next door are partying like it’s 1999, the music’s blaring and there seems no end to the shrieks of laughter. What’s worse – what’s most annoying – is the deep thump-thump-thump of the bass as it bangs a steady beat into your overwrought head.

Maybe you’re in a shared property such as a flat or four-in-a-block and ‘them upstairs’ have laminate flooring, three kids and two crazy dogs. It’s okay when everyone’s out, but you know that by dinnertime, when everyone’s home, your ceiling sounds like it has the entire population of the Netherlands doing a clog dance on it. You dread this time of year because you know that they’ll all be up at stupid o’clock to check if Santa’s been, the dogs will be hammering around the house high on excitement and the kids will be sugar loaded by 9am.

And then there’s the elderly man next door who swears he’s not deaf, but has his television on as high as it will go so he can watch his favourite soap. You wouldn’t mind, but you can’t even hear yourself think, never mind your own telly.

All you want to do is sleep. Or watch a television programme uninterrupted. Or even – please God – be able to eat your Christmas dinner quietly without a bang from upstairs or a blaring soap theme from next door. Your noisy neighbours and your home’s poor sound proofing are making your life a misery and you feel helpless!

The soundproofing solution

Hush Acoustics have the answer. We have a fantastic range of wall, ceiling and floor soundproofing products that will transform your home into the quiet oasis you’ve always dreamed about.

We can’t get rid of your neighbours for you, but we can vastly reduce the amount of sound you hear from them. With 25+ years as an acoustic product specialist, we offer sound proofing solutions for new and older properties whether they are single occupancy, multi-occupancy, school, health, industrial or commercial premises.

What’s more, if you order a Hush Acoustics system you know, as an Eco Friendly Company, that we only supply products that are responsibly resourced from sustainable, recycled raw materials, with minimum usage of petro-chemical based foam products.

All our products also exceed UK building regulations in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, including Robust Details, BB93 and Code for Sustainable Homes parameters. They come at exceptionally competitive prices and are easy to install – you’ll get a copy of our installation guide with the product, plus there are a range of installation videos to view on our website.

All Hush products have technical back-up and test data. If you would like to discuss any technical details about our products including test results, product and system guidance or anything else, contact our Technical Team on

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