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Sound Control Information

What is sound control?

Sound control is the process by which sound is reduced. Sound control prevents airborne noise from travelling around and reaching places you don’t want it to reach.

Why do we need sound control?

Sound control is most commonly needed in flats, houses, hotels etc to reduce the amount of noise travelling between two separate floors, properties or rooms. When people live in flats they don’t want to be able to hear the people around them and they don’t want people around them to hear them, this is where sound control is useful.

It is vital that a row of houses have sound control to prevent neighbours being able to hear what is going on next door. It is also important to reduce the amount of noise which travels between floors so people who are upstairs can’t completely hear what is going on downstairs.

When staying in a hotel you don’t want noise to be able to travel between each of the rooms so sound control is extremely important.

How does sound control work?

There are a number of different ways to achieve sound control and the products required for each can be found here on the Hush website.

Ways of achieving sound control include: –

  • Ceiling and Wall Bars – these provide a second wall or ceiling to aid sound control
  • Joist Infills – these can be cut to fit between walls or ceilings to help with sound control
  • Acoustic Flooring – sometimes referred to as floating flooring is often used over flooring so the extra layer is was helps aid sound control
  • Flooring Battens and Cradles – cradles are used to support flooring battens and help with sound control

Hush have been helping the construction industry with sound control for the last 25 years. We provide sound control products to the industry which are used in the initial build stage of properties being built.

Please click here to view our complete collection of sound control products.

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