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Sound Insulation at the Aviation Academy

Aviation Academy Acoustics

Client:Robert Goss Project Architect
Location:Hangar 5, Norwich

A world first Aviation Academy situated in Norwich has been transformed into an innovative learning environment. Based within a World War 2 aircraft hangar, home to a museum, cafe and now classrooms, catering for pupils and youth organisations as well as holding events and conferences, this Academy does it all.

Hanson Barron and Smith Architects worked on the designs of this custom facility and plans were made to fit a mezzanine floor within the atrium on which the classrooms would be created.

The atrium itself holds conferences that can accommodate over 300 people and so in order to ensure the acoustics within the building were fit for purpose, we went to visit the site to see how we could meet the required acoustic standards.

On visiting the site, an acoustic concern within the building was the footfall noise being created from the mezzanine floor and so we needed a solution to be able to reduce this noise.

In order to do this, we calculated that 1500 m2 of Hush Panel 17 was needed for the entire area, which would be fitted over the structural plywood deck.

Hush Panel 17 is a thinner overlay board which minimises floor build, without compromising performance. By reducing impact sound transmission through the separating floors, it achieves excellent results. The upper layer of moisture resistant MDF provides a consistently smooth surface for application of floor finishes.

Working with Robert Goss from Hanson Barron and Smith and RG Carter who were the main contractors on site, over 2000 sheets of Hush Panel 17 were supplied and fitted to the area.

We are incredibly proud to have been a part of this project and since the Academy officially opened in August 2017, it has been a huge success.

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