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Hush Acoustic Wall Covering

Suitable for:

  • domestic
  • residential
  • industrial
  • education
  • healthcare
  • leisure

This product range offers a new exciting range of decorative wall coverings that achieve exceptional noise reducing performance levels and also looks aesthetically pleasing. The product is specifically designed for installation onto walls in classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, call centres and are in fact used anywhere where reverberation is an problem and causing lack of speech clarity. In addition to the acoustic values, the Hush Acoustic Wall Covering is designed to improve the thermal performance of the wall it is placed upon.

For advice on the use of Hush Acoustic Wall Covering, as part of a system within any project, please contact our experienced technical team on 0151 933 2026 who will be happy to give comprehensive and practical advice to meet with your requirements.

Product Data

The Hush Acoustic Wall Covering can be applied in any of these mentioned applications using the roll or 500x500mm panels as described below (see installation guidelines) for effective control of reverberated acoustic pollution.

For the prevention of transmitted noise entire walls could be clad.

This will also produce a marvellous thermal insulation wall thus saving on gas and electricity. If it is just a small “pin board” you are after the Hush Acoustic Wall Covering can be installed (also see the Hush Acoustic Notice Board) on selected walls to produce an effective display/notice board and still perform help to reduce reverberation noise.

General reverberation noise reduction of up to 40% is achieved using the Hush Acoustic Wall Covering. For example, this reduction of noise in the classroom will improve both the teaching and learning experience and generally enhance the acoustics within the room.

The concept, already internationally proven, is an ideal solution to noise reduction in any reverberant space.

Hush Acoustics are proud to introduce this product within our absorber range of products and we fell it is a versatile and easy to install product to cure a very common problem within the United Kingdom
  • Available in a comprehensive range of modern, practical colours our Hush Acoustic Wall Covering provides a useful display board. Hook and loop fasteners or drawing pins can be used without damaging the surface. The product was developed as a direct result of extensive consultation with influential members of the education sector. The product started life to be installed into classrooms and general education areas where noise reduction will enhance the learning experience.
  • Due to the initial success in the Education sector the Hush Acoustic Wall Covering is now used to improve general acoustics in a range of applications, across various market sectors and also utilises space being a thin 10mm product. The excellent noise absorption qualities displayed are a result of the unique non woven high density polyester.

The Hush Acoustic Wall Covering is easily installed from roll material or our 500x500mm tile. If in roll format the product is installed lengthways down the chosen sector with each panel butt joining closely to its neighbour. The required fittings i.e. edging strips, joiners, internal and external finishes are easily sourced.

We can recommend a local fully trained contractor to undertake your installation should you need it. Please contact our sales/technical support team.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with all products and are available to download from the Installation Guides section.

Should you have any technical questions prior to or during installation, please call 0151 933 2026 for friendly and straightforward advice.

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