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Acoustics For Education

Good acoustic performance in educational environments is essential.

The ability of the teacher keeping student attention can be significantly reduced if noise levels are high from neighbouring classrooms or if there is a reverberation noise issue within the classroom.

There are several areas to treat for educational acoustics. All performance levels are detailed in the acoustic regulations for educational environments which is known as Building Bulletin 93 (BB93).

Hush can offer guidance on projects of any size, from a single classroom to an entire school. We can explain how the individual areas within an educational building can be affected by sound. We can give expert advice on reverberation noise within a room. If reverberation noise is at a high level within a room then it it will make it difficult to understand what is being said. The Hush Absorber range will cater for any reverberation issues. Hush acoustics also have an extensive range of products and systems that can reduce impact and airborne noise issues between learning spaces.

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Residential CPD

Hush Acoustics can provide technical information to comply with the revised BB93 standards for both New Build developments and Refurbishment projects. We offer practical and economic solutions to acoustically treat problematic areas.

Compliance - BB93/Document E

Hush Acoustics have developed products and systems to ensure compliance with BB93. We have developed many easy to install systems that are designed to optimise space within a classroom/teaching room....

Specification Writing

Hush Acoustics can help you at the specification stage of any project regardless of whether its a new build, conversion or refurbishment...


We have developed an acoustic absorber range that has many colour options to ensure these fit in with existing colour schemes - creating a better learning environment for students...
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Classroom Noise

We offer a choice of classroom acoustic products and systems designed to reduce noise reverberation to help educators optimise student concentration levels…

Case Studies

Want to learn more about how schools are using our acoustic solutions to reduce classroom noise? Read real case studies from our customers and see what improvements we can make to your school…

Our Products

Hush have a wide range of affordable and high-quality sound control products designed to reduce noise and reverberation and provide an environment conducive to the learning experience...

Our Systems

Hush have devised a number of comprehensive acoustic and sound insulation systems that we will tailor to your specific needs. Read our detailed information on the spec and installation of these systems...
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