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Healthcare Acoustics


Soundproofing for healthcare premises offers some unique challenges. Healthcare facilities often have large areas of hard surfaces — tiled walls, hard floors — which reflect sound waves and increase ambient noise.

A loud environment isn’t just distressing for patients — it can stop them from getting much-needed rest that is crucial for recovery. Patients’ confidentiality and privacy may also be compromised by insufficient sound reduction.

Yet conventional sound reduction solutions may not always be appropriate for a healthcare setting as care must be taken to ensure that surfaces and materials are easy to keep clean and free of germs. In order to meet the specific requirements of a healthcare facilities, special products and solutions are required.

Sound reducing materials can be placed behind conventional surfaces to reduce noise. This includes our Hush slab 100 sound absorber that can be incorporated within walls to reduce sound transfer. It may be necessary to acoustically treat the floors and the ceilings in a healthcare facility. Installing a separating ceiling constructed from the Hush acoustic product range will reduce the passage of airborne noise. Hush acoustics have also developed many acoustic floor options that can take all floor finishes that may be used in a healthcare facility. These products include cradle and batten floors, different acoustic deck options and resilient rubber floor membranes.

Hush acoustics can provide acoustic materials for floors, walls and ceilings in health care facilities that are new build or in a refurbishment/conversion of an existing building.

Please contact Hush acoustics with regards to any acoustic requirements in healthcare facilities.

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