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Excessive noise within the home environment has always been a issue, but this problem is increasing rapidly. Sound pollution within the home is one of the biggest complaint areas to environmental noise departments and is raising many health issues. It is therefore more critical than ever to ensure that noise issues within the home environment are reduced, or even better, removed.

The most common issues that we come across for the home owner is noisy neighbour problems, using the correct underlay for hard floor finishes or acoustically treating music/cinema rooms for reverberation and noise break out issues. Whatever your issue for noise within the home environment Hush Acoustics have developed an extensive range of products and systems to cater for all problems.

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information about the acoustic flooring and sound reduction Floating Flooring, Resilient Flooring Battens and Cradles, Resilient Ceiling and Wall Bars, Joist Infills and Accessories Hush can offer you...
diagnosing noise

Diagnosing Noise Problems

Within your home, noise is transmitted by airborne and impact sound sources.

How to deal with noisy neighbours

You can’t choose your neighbours, but you can certainly reduce nuisance noise levels you hear from them...

More than just noisy neighbours...

We deal with many self builders, property developers and consumers that are building a new house...

How to soundproof floors.

If you are considering soundproofing your floor it is important to think about what you want to achieve...
Sound proof walls

How to soundproof walls.

There are several ways of treating acoustic problems through separating walls...

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There are several ways of treating acoustic problems through separating walls...
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