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Theres no easy answer to this question as Hush manufacture over 30 products that would be suitable as underlay for timber floors. Things to consider the level of soundproof performance that is required, the thickness of underlay and what type of timber floor you’re using. We have created a new blog post to help you choose but please contact us on 0151 933 2026 for further advice
The answer for this question purely relies on the date your property was built and which regulations would have been in place during the time of build. We are currently building to Document E (2003 slight amendment in 2010) in England & Wales, Section 5 of the Technical Handbook for Scottish Building Regulations (2011) in Scotland and Part G in Northern Ireland (2012). Any properties that have been developed after these dates should comply to the most recent Building Regulations and there should be certification to prove this. If your property had been developed prior to the dates mentioned then proving compliance to the older regulations could be proved by additional acoustic testing. A service we can discuss with you. We have created a new blog post with further information regarding this. If you would like to discuss in more detail please contact us on 0151 933 2026
This is an increasing problem throughout the UK and in fact the world. As we live 24 hour lifestyles, increase the power of our home entertainment systems and prefer city centre living, sound pollution from neighbouring properties is becoming a increasing problem. There is not a quick solution to this as sound finds any weak path through existing construction and obviously the noisier the neighbour, the bigger the problem. We have created a new blog post that talks about floor, wall and ceiling solutions and common problems with noisy neighbours. If you would like to discuss in more detail please call on 0151 933 2026.

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