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Tiling on acoustic flooring

Floor finishes are a subjective thing. It is dependent on the individual, the practicality and the cost of a floor finish whether it can or cannot be used within development. There are many issues regarding floor finishes when installing over acoustic flooring but more so when it comes to tiled floors.

Hush Acoustics are asked about tiling over acoustic flooring on a daily basis and due to this very common problem we decided we should offer solutions that ensure that a tiled floor finish is not a problem.

The main issue when tiling over acoustic flooring is the movement in the floor that can cause cracking in the tile grout and adhesive. If there is a high amount of movement in the floor, the grout and adhesive will crack and the tiled floor will break up. This is a common problem with acoustic flooring but it can be easily avoided. Hush have worked with Norcros Adhesives to form a solution to this common problem and are pleased to say we can offer NBS Specifications for the Hush Products when used with the Norcros brand of flexible adhesives, grouts and their anti-crack membrane Permalayer. We are providing these NBS Specifications as they detail our preferred solution to installing tiled floor finishes over Hush Floating Flooring.

The specifications are available to download and the Norcors product information can be sourced upon request or through the Norcros Adhesives Website.

We believe we have found the answer to tiling over acoustic flooring and should you need to get further information about the Hush range of products that can be tiled over then please feel free to contact technical on 01519332926.

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