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What is Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation is vital in environments where people are living in close proximity to each other.  Effective sound insulation ensures that everyone can live and work in comfort without being distracted by the activities of others. Here at Hush, we design and manufacture a market-leading range of sound insulation which is renowned for the excellent results it gives, and is used in buildings around the country.

Whether it is a new-build project, or a refurbishment of an existing building, Hush sound insulation is suitable for use across a wide variety of situations and environments. Our sound insulation meets the necessary UK building regulations and, with over 25 years experience of creating sound insulation, you can be confident that our Hush systems and products will create quieter surroundings for all.

Hush sound insulation is manufactured using the right materials and structure, to reduce sound transmission between separating walls, floors and ceilings. Our sound insulation systems are specially designed for a variety of situations and purposes; from refurbishment only to systems which can be used across refurbishments and new-builds. This comprehensive, inclusive approach to the business of sound insulation makes Hush the market leader, and able to meet all your sound insulation needs.

Our website gives a full breakdown of each of our Hush Sound Insulation Systems, so you can see how they are constructed including labelled cross-section diagrams and technical details regarding sound insulation composition and acoustic performance. We have also provided installation guides, which you can download to see the best way to fit our sound insulation systems.

A key component in all our sound insulation systems is our Hush Felt, a specially-designed acoustic impact layer which is unique to our products and which fully meets the necessary UK Building Regulations”of 80-140kgs/m³ density. This Hush Felt is manufactured to maximise the effectiveness of the entire sound insulation system, eliminating the initial ‘bounce’ associated with most foam sound insulation products and making the whole set-up more durable.

This highly resilient sound insulation layer is made from recycled fibres using a special formulation, and as part of the process is needle-punched to ensure it is suitable for long-term use in sound insulation systems. Constructed as an environmentally friendly, rot-proof polypropylene layer with a nominal thickness of 10mm, this sound insulation is unaffected by heating pipes and sealed elements and requires no precautions against skin or respiratory irritation.

The use of recycled fibres in our Hush Felt sound insulation is part of a wider commitment by the company to work towards sustainability and environmentally-friendly operations, in both our sound insulation products and our actions. We aim to meet all necessary codes of practise with our sound insulation systems, consider our environmental impact on all levels and use recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing wherever possible, without compromising on the quality of our sound insulation.

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