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Sound Control

Sound Control prevents airborne noise such as voices or music, and impact sound such as footfall on stairs from being carried to separate rooms or floors.

Health and Safety legislation ensures that people can carry out normal daily activities including resting and sleeping free from unwanted noise.  Building regulations ensure that effective sound control is in place for both new and refurbished buildings.

Sound control may not be the most exciting part of designing a new building or planning a refurbishment.  However, sound control is essential, and ensures that noise from adjacent floors and rooms is not heard.  Imagine a hotel with no sound control? What about offices where you could hear conversations from above and below?

Sound control is vital for all those involved in constructing and refurbishing a building.  Appropriate sound control ensures that noise is not heard or felt in different rooms or on different floors of a building.  The right method of sound control will vary from building to building, and there is no one size fits all solution.

There are many ways to achieve efficient sound control including dedicated floor panels, battens and cradles to hold flooring, ceiling and wall bars and joist infills.

The Acoustic Flooring panels often used for sound control are often floating, and can be used as a structural or overlay board. When used as a structural floor, the additional rigidity and a special sound controlling layer helps to improve sound insulation between floors.

Composite Battens are designed to reduce sound transmission between floors and can be used to hold floating floors to help to control sound.  Cradles can be used to support dedicated sound control battens, and will ensure that the flooring is level, even though the subfloor may be uneven.  Sound control cradles can be used on concrete and timber floors to dramatically improve sound control.

Ceiling and Wall Bars are used to provide a virtual second wall or ceiling. These bars are ideal for sound control as they will reduce sound transmission by soaking up the sound waves before they have chance to escape from the room, and are ideal to separate ceilings and walls.

Joist Infills can be used with floor panels, battens and cradles, and bars as and where necessary for additional sound control.  The infills can be cut to fit precisely into the space between the floor joists or wall studs.  This method of sound control really does help to insulate against sound leaking between walls or floors.

Steps and stairs in high traffic areas can benefit from sound control too, such as hotel flooring, museum or theatre flooring.  Without sound control, any excess noise could ruin a performance or spoil the enjoyment of the visitor.

Sound control is vital in all building work. Hush sound control products meet or exceed current UK Building Regulations and appropriate safety standards to ensure quality, durability and performance.

For more information on the variety of sound control products available at Hush, please see our range of Sound Control Products or Contact Hush on 0151 933 2026.

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