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Acoustic Insulation

Hush Insulation, whether it is for a new build project or a planned refurbishment, is vital, and Hush can help you choose the right acoustic insulation to reduce sound transmission and create a quieter environment.

Hush acoustic insulation fully comply with the necessary building regulations and provide excellent results and quality performance. With over a quarter of a century of experience of creating soundproof insulation and reduction products, Hush Systems are used in buildings all over the country and meet a broad range of requirements and constraints.

Acoustic Insulation Products

Hush-Slab 100 floor and wall insulation is a unique high density material which provides additional acoustic insulation by reducing airborne sound transmission. This very effective acoustic insulation is ideal for use in separating floors, ceilings and walls across newly built and refurbishment projects. It can be used in conjunction with a whole range of other Hush acoustic insulation systems.

Hush acoustic insulation is manufactured with a unique process which utilises renewable energy and a sustainable raw material, Hush-Slab 100 Acoustic Insulation is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, ensuring it can be applied across a whole range of environments depending on the constraints of the project with its excellent acoustic insulation properties. It is also non-combustible, with a ‘Class O’ fire rating, and can be used extensively throughout whichever project you need it for to form acoustic insulation with exceptional performance.

Hush acoustic insulation is also simple to cut and install, and is designed to meet and exceed building regulations around the UK. To fit, simply cut the Hush Slab 100 to the width of the space to be insulated using a saw or long blade; beginning at one of the perimeters of the room, you can then fit the acoustic insulation between the floor joists or wall studs, continuing until all voids are filled and making sure you leave no gaps. To minimise wasting Hush-Slab 100 acoustic insulation, excess trimmings can be packed around the slabs where necessary.

Hush Fill 60 Heavy Plugging, a specially developed sound deadening insulation which is designed to meet the UK building regulations for acoustic insulation between timber floor joists. Composed of granular mineral filler, it provides a very effective way to reduce sound transmission between separating floors within a timber construction and is designed to be especially easy to fit and install.

Hush acoustic insulation gives excellent results by upgrading the performance of separating floors whilst allowing decorative features such as lath and plaster ceilings to remain intact. Hush acoustic insulation is ideal for use in projects where restrictions apply, such as in listed buildings, and has been developed to be compatible with a whole range of Hush Systems.

Hush-Fill 60 Heavy Plugging is a highly effective sound reducing insulation due to its composition, which is packed into polythene tubes. These polythene tubes double as the required liner below the fill and meet the required density of 80kg/m2 at the 60mm regulation depth required.

We have new products and systems being developed every year to make Hush Acoustics the one stop shop for all building insulation materials

For more information on the variety of sound proof insulation available at Hush, please see our range of Joist Infills and Acoustic Insulation or Contact Hush on 0151 933 2026. Author Rob Crampton

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