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Sound control

What is sound control?

Sound control can be described as prevention of noise travelling from one place to another.

Where is sound control used?

Sound control is used in the construction phase of any new build. Contractors need to consider sound control when they are working on a project whether it is building houses, apartments, offices. Whenever people are going to be in close proximity to others, sound control always needs to be considered.

Sound control also needs to be considered whilst refurbishing properties.

Examples of sound control

A common example of sound control would be the reduction of impact and airborne noise travelling between one apartment to another. Sound control will be used to reduce both occupants hearing everything from the other persons home.

Another example of sound control would be when a block of offices in built and a number of different companies will be based in the offices. To prevent each of the companies being distracted by the others, sound control is used to reduce the levels of noise which travel throughout the building.

How can Hush help with sound control?

Here on the Hush site you will find a wide range of products, many of which are designed to help with sound control. We have been helping contractors when it comes to sound control for a number of years and believe our products are some of the best you can buy on the market.

Here on the Hush site you will find the following: –

  • Acoustic floor panels
  • Battens and cradles
  • Wall panels
  • Ceiling and wall bars
  • Joist infills

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