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Acoustic Flooring

Acoustic Flooring from Hush provides a fantastic variety of acoustic flooring products for separating floors in both refurbishment and new build projects. With over 25 years experience of the design and manufacture of acoustic flooring for buildings and projects all over the UK, our products have been developed specifically to meet a wide range of requirements.

Our acoustic flooring is renowned for its quality and is manufactured to comply with and exceed the requirements of the UK Building Regulations. If you require a floor which effectively reduces sound whilst being flexible enough to be fitted in a wide variety of buildings and environments, then our acoustic flooring is what you may be what you’re looking for.

The acoustic flooring designed and produced by Hush comes in several styles of products, which are fully compatible with each other and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and noise reduction. As an example of the sheer diversity of acoustic flooring we have available, our Floating Acoustic Flooring comes in a mix of structural boards and overlay boards; some products can be used as both to give you versatile, adaptable acoustic flooring which is easy to implement and gives excellent performance. It can be used over concrete or timber or directly over timber joists, and provides an excellent surface for the application of the final floor finish.

Acoustic Flooring Systems

Other acoustic flooring products available include our Resilient Flooring Battens and Cradles to enable the construction of service voids to reduce the impact of sound transmission between floors, and our resilient ceiling and wall bars. These give excellent acoustic performance by virtually decoupling the ceiling from the existing joists and significantly reducing airborne sound transmission.

Hush also manufactures a variety of Joist Infills to create acoustic flooring in a variety of new build and refurbishment projects. Our specially-developed ‘Sound Slab’ is made from a sustainable raw material, reduces sound transmission for separated walls, ceilings and floors and is available in a variety of thicknesses for many different applications. This big leap forward in acoustic flooring is made of a unique high density material yet is simple to cut and install and compatible with a full range of Hush acoustic flooring products.

To enable you to fit your acoustic flooring, Hush also stock a wide variety of Acoustic Flooring Accessories which maintain our standards of excellent quality and superior results. Acoustic flooring accessories available include perimeter seal, flanking strips for use between panels and walls, panel adhesive, joist strips and fixing isolators for use at door thresholds, access hatches and stair treads. We also stock Hush-Mesh Firewire, which when used in conjunction with our Sound Slab creates a one hour fire resistance within a timber-joisted separating floor.

Here at Hush we recognise however that no two projects are ever the same. We specialise in Customised Acoustic Flooring which can be tailored to your precise requirements; for more information on our bespoke manufacture of acoustic flooring, please click here.

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