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Sound Reduction

Sound Reduction is an important element of modern construction; whether it is a new build project or a refurbishment.  Sound reduction plays a key part in ensuring those that occupy a building aren’t inconvenienced or made to feel uncomfortable through the actions of others.

At Hush, we design and manufacture a wide range of Sound Reduction Systems which provide excellent acoustic insulation and reduce the transmission of sounds through separating walls, floors and ceilings. We produce sound reduction products which have been designed to meet and exceed the relevant UK building regulations and our sound reduction products can be used across a whole variety of projects and environments.

The science of sound reduction is one which relies upon quality systems and superior materials to generate the very best results. Here at Hush, we adhere to these two principles for our sound reduction, designing systems which are structured to give excellent sound reduction and manufactured from the most effective materials. Our sound reduction products include the Hush-Slab100, which is made from mineral wool and is manufactured using renewable energy and sustainable raw material and is a unique, high-density product using in projects right around the country.

For those keen to find out more about sound reduction, our website showcases all of our products and makes it easy for you to identify the best Sound Reduction Systems for your needs. No project in which sound reduction is an issue will be solved by a one-size-fits-all approach; often it will depend on the environment and structure of the building, restrictions on what sound reduction materials can be used and the scope of the project.

You will also find on our website detailed information on each of our Sound reduction products, outlining where they are best used, their composition and acoustic performance and even step-by-step guides on how to fit them. Through our website, and very important to implementing sound reduction, you can also read through information regarding UK Building Regulations, view CAD Drawings and read and download detailed Sound Reduction Installation Guides for our systems.

The quality of the sound reduction systems available, and the ease with which they can be fitted, meaning that Hush is one of the leading suppliers of acoustic insulation in the country. With over 25 years experience of designing and manufacturing sound reduction systems, and with an excellent reputation for proven, long-lasting results, Hush can fully meet all of your needs reducing sound transmission; for more information on our sound reduction products, please click here.

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