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Sound Insulation Materials

If you need to purchase sound insulation materials then speak to us here at Hush.

Here at Hush we believe we are the experts when it comes to designing and manufacturing a market-leading range of sound insulation materials which are renowned for the excellent results they give. Our sound insulation materials have been used in buildings around the country for a number of years and we continue to see the demand for our products grow year after year.

If you work in the construction industry and you are building something which people are going to live in then you will need to invest in some sound insulation materials to ensure the level of sound which passes between one room and the next is reduced.

In order for people to be able to live or work close to use, sound insulation materials need to be used during the building phase of a project or when a project is undergoing a redesign.

A key component in all our sound insulation materials is our Hush Felt, a specially-designed acoustic impact layer which is unique to Hush products and which fully meets the necessary UK Building Regulations” of 80-140kgs/m³ density.

Our Hush Felt is manufactured to maximise the effectiveness of the entire sound insulation system, which eliminates the initial ‘bounce’ associated with most foam sound insulation materials and making the whole set-up more durable.

Here at Hush we are extremely conscious about sustainability and environmentally-friendly operations so we use recycled fibres in our sound insulation materials, including our Hush Felt. Due to the way our Hush Felt is created as an environmentally friendly with a nominal thickness of 10mm, these sound insulation materials are unaffected by heating pipes and sealed elements and requires no precautions against skin or respiratory irritation unlike many other sound insulation materials supplied by other companies.

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