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Fit Soundproof floorings

How to soundproof floors

If you are considering soundproofing your floor it is important to think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to stop nuisance airborne noises coming up from the property below or are you trying to reduce footfall impact noises from your property to the neighbours below?

The best way to treat airborne noise is to treat the ceiling of the property below. This is not always possible depending on how willing the neighbour is to help stop the problem.
A correct ceiling detail will be the most effective but if you are only able to treat the floor from above the structure (your floor) you need to look at adding a degree of absorption
within the construction and some high mass acoustic floor products. Hush Slab 100 placed between the joists and a high mass flooring such as Hush Cem Panel 28 or Hush Mat 15 will be needed.

To reduce impact noises (e.g. footsteps) being transmitted down to the property below we recommend installing acoustic floating flooring or overlay acoustic matting. These are easy to install and you can lay the
boards directly over joists or as an overlay over timber or concrete floor structures (when correctly specified).
The things that will determine what floor product is to be used 1) the performance levels you are looking to
achieve and 2) what the final floor finish is going to be and how it will be laid over the top of the chosen acoustic floor system. For example, Hush Mat 15 can be installed directly under carpet or engineered timber floors.

Solid timber flooring will need to be installed over a timber faced acoustic overlay board and a tiled floor finish can be laid over a timber or cement particle acoustic flooring.

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