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How to deal with noisy neighbours

How to deal with noisy neighbours

We have all had to deal with noisy neighbours at some point. Paper-thin walls combined with a neighbour that likes the occasional party or footstep noises from above becoming an issue because the floor construction is performing no better than an internal floor of a house.

You can’t choose your neighbours, but you can certainly reduce nuisance noise levels you hear from them.
Hush Acoustics have developed a range of soundproofing products and systems, which will reduce the level of nuisance noises from your neighbours. Our technical experts can advise on the most appropriate wall, ceiling or floor acoustic solution.

The golden question?

We live in a block of flats and have two lots of noisy neighbours. The couple upstairs have hard flooring throughout and every time they walk around in heels / shoes or move furniture around it is amplified through our flat. Also, the couple next door have an active social life. They regularly have friends around and often have gatherings which go on until the early hours in the morning. Can anything be done to help our situation?

Yes it can! We would treat each noise problem separately. So the noise problems from the couple upstairs would be treated with an acoustic ceiling solution (see page 8 for more details), and the noise issues from your adjoining neighbours would be treated using an acoustic wall system or a wall lining system

We recommend:

Ceilings – Hush MF Ceiling, Hush Resilient Bar, Hush Deep Bar, Hush Bar Plus or the Hush Resilient Clip
and Bar System
Walls – The Hush Wall Lining System (HD0141), The Hush Wall System (HD1040), The Hush Masonry
Wall with Stud Lining System (HD1055).

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