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Specification Writing

At Hush Acoustics we understand the importance of designing the right acoustic systems and products for achieving effective and long-lasting sound proofing. We have extensive experience in specification writing and work with our clients to deliver high-quality products that meet all legislative obligations.

Our expert team have an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and the importance of the right acoustic specifications. We pride ourselves on evolving with new developments and well-equipped to meet the challenges the industry faces in the coming years.

Acoustic specifications – challenges for specifiers and contractors  

Advancements in technology will have a significant impact on the construction industry and specifiers must be able to adapt and use these new tools to create comprehensive acoustic specifications. The introduction of BIM is one such development and will be used to opitimise key data and use that data to design effective noise reduction systems.
Another issue is the use of prefabricated constructions techniques. This can prove problematic to specifiers as building structures are manufactured off-site and then pieced together one component at a time. This style of construction can be problematic for specifiers particularly when it comes to indoor noise loading.

Acoustic comfort is one of the basic prerequisites for a quality indoor environment. Specifiers need to appreciate the increasing popularity for more open plan living spaces and the taste for wooden floors over more traditional carpeting. The developments can have significant implications for acoustic comfort levels

Hush Acoustics help specifiers meet acoustic challenges

We work with specifiers to ensure they have a comprehensive knowledge of their acoustic requirements and what acoustic systems and products are needed to achieve the necessary noise reduction solutions.

It is important to develop acoustic solutions early into the design of prefabrication structures to optimize their effectiveness in providing the right acoustic environment. We work closely with all our contractors to ensure that the finished product meets all required standards.

We research and incorporate technological advancements into our processes ensuring so that specifiers can be confident they are receiving the most up to date products and systems for their acoustic specifications.

What we can do for you

Hush Acoustics offer help and support to specifiers; enabling them to understand the basic principles of acoustics so that they can design innovative acoustic solutions for whatever project they are working on.
We provide all product and system technical data to customers to give them the product knowledge they require for their build project, which not only helps them for that particular project but for similar projects in the future.

We have been working with specifiers and contractors for a long time now, and our acoustic solutions challenge industry norms. So if you are a specifier looking for experience and expertise you can be sure to find it at Hush Acoustics.

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