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Reducing Sound In a School Sports Hall with the New Hush Polysorb Panels

Client:Hinchley Wood School
Duration:5 Days

Hinchley Wood School in Esher, Surrey is a mixed comprehensive academy, providing education for 11-18-year olds. They are a returning customer of ours, after we completed an installation of Hush Absorber Panels within their canteen in 2016.

Mike Robeson, Director of Finance and resources at the school, contacted us in regard to their purpose-built Sports Hall in which they were experiencing severe reverberation issues. The Sports Hall has been in use for many years to carry out PE lessons and other sporting activities, along with being used as an Examination Hall. When being used for exams, the school were temporarily laying a carpet down to try and dampen the sounds within the hall, hoping to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere with minimal echoes. However, this was unsatisfactory, and they came to us to seek help and advice on what to do.

When visiting the school, we measured the Sports Hall to be 8.5m in height, 27m in length and 18 m wide. The ceiling area has a metal trunking around it and measures 486 m2 in total, in which we calculated 230.4 m2 needed to be acoustically treated.

In order to effectively treat the reverberation issues within the area, we specified 192 of our 50mm absorber panels were needed to make the hall acoustically fit for purpose and they would need to be directly bonded to the metal deck.

The panels that we supplied the school were from our new Polysorb range, in which the product itself is made from polyester as opposed to foam, giving equally excellent acoustic results. We also supplied these panels with a hard face material, to be damage protected from any equipment which may make its way up to the ceiling.

The Polysorb panels are manufactured from 100% recyclable Polyester, in which a minimum of 45% is from post consumer waste PET (Plastic Bottles). The panels have been designed for exceptional sound absorption qualities, whilst being light-weight, impact resistant and durable. These panels can also be cut to any required size and finished in your chosen design.

We allowed 5 working days to be able to fit the panels and were able to finish within 4. Whilst installing them, we also rescued 12 footballs and a whole host of shuttlecocks from the ceiling area!

We are pleased to have been able to help the school with their reverberation issues and to make a positive impact on the pupils learning, as well as making for a more appropriate and less noisy exam hall.

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