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Solving a failed sound test

Location:St Leonards On Sea
Region:East Sussex

Hush Acoustics were approached to assist with a residential development in St Leonards on Sea, where the developers were struggling to achieve acoustic compliance with UK Building Regulations.

The Problem

The problem they had was with a separating wall between two bedrooms. The construction of the wall was a timber stud wall with a thickness of 170mm. Within the bedrooms was a screed laid over a concrete floor.

Solving a failed sound test

The sound test was carried out on the separating wall between the two bedrooms, one bedroom measuring 37m3 and the other was 29m3 in size. The first airborne sound insulation sample test was carried out with no floor covering present. The test result was DnTw+Ctr 31dB. Levels of ‘flanking’ sound were significant, resulting in a failed sound test. Sound was clearly passing under the separating wall via the floor screed.

Hush found a solution in the form of Hush Mat 15. This is a high performance acoustic rubber matting, and was laid over the floor screed in both rooms. The test was then repeated and the result of the second test was DnTw+Ctr44dB. Although this result would be an average result in most other buildings, the fact that it had improved from a poor DnTw+Ctr 31dB demonstrates the effectiveness of Hush Mat 15 as a solution to flanking transmission sound sources.

The residential development had now achieved compliance with UK Building Regulations Approved Document E.Hush Mat 15 is a high performing acoustic floor system. It is a uniquely engineered acoustic rubber matt with high mass levels, which helps to reduce impact, airborne and flanking transmission sound levels.

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