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Reducing noise at Hoebridge Golf Centre

Client:Hoebridge Golf Centre
Duration:Within a few hours
Location:Woking, Surrey
Region:South England
Sector:Leisure / Commercial

Hoebridge Golf Centre is a busy commercial/leisure facility that has three golf courses, a function facility and a health club. It is a very busy place. Due to the busy nature of the centre the acoustics within the bar and restaurant area were at an unbearable level for the golfers and patrons.

Hush Acoustics got a request by the golf centre to find a solution to this major acoustic issue as it was believed revenue was being lost in the bar and restaurant because of poor acoustics. The paying guests did not want to spend their time in these problematic and noisy areas. Hush carried out its extensive survey service and fulfilled the clients requirements to make the bar and restaurant areas a far more comfortable place to be.

The acoustic problem at Hoebridge Golf Centre was the level of ambient, reverberation and echo noise within the bar and restaurant areas when busy with golfers and patrons.

It was a noisy environment that was losing custom. The solution was for Hush to specify and install Hush Absorber 50 Sound Absorbing Panels within the bar and restaurant areas. Hush were able to calculate the amount of absorption that was needed to treat the issues in the bar and restaurant
areas from our initial site visit and extensive survey. Hush calculated the amount of absorption needed using our expert software.

Hush Acoustics had a responsibility on this site to ensure we achieved the clients requests of making the bar and restaurant areas within the golf centre a nicer and more comfortable place to be. This responsibility was in mind throughout the project from the initial specification of absorption needed to the installation of the products. We feel we achieved the client’s requests throughout this project.

Mike O’Connell, General Manager of Hoebridge was delighted with the panels. He mentioned how well they
blended in and complimented the look and aesthetics of the room. He appreciated the minimalistic design, yet bold colours to really give the room a sense of vibrancy. He was particular happy with the quick and efficient installation by the Hush installation team. The Hush installation team arrived on site at 06:05 am, discussed the installation with Mike and had completed the installation by 8am. This was appreciated by Mike and his team as it didn’t disturb his customers during busy times.

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