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How party wall soundproofing solves noisy neighbour issue


As a leading provider of sound reduction solutions, Hush has successfully addressed a party wall noise problem for a homeowner in north London by introducing a slimline acoustic wall system.

This innovative solution effectively resolved the issue without significantly compromising the room size.

The homeowner, residing in a semi-detached house in Hackney, reached out to Hush Acoustics seeking a solution that would enhance the acoustic performance of a separating wall, ultimately improving the quality of life for their neighbours.

Typically, connected homes suffer from inadequate acoustic control, allowing everyday sounds to pass through the party wall and become clearly audible next door.

The brick wall in this particular case lacked the necessary mass and density to block sound waves generated by speech and activities like children playing. As a result, the noise disturbance caused stress and anxiety for the neighbours.

The homeowner was determined to find a solution that would not significantly reduce the size of the room.

While retrofitting the wall with acoustic treatment would naturally increase its depth, the client understood the trade-off between volume reduction and improved soundproofing. However, they were keen to minimise this compromise as much as possible.

How Hush met the challenge

Hush party wall sound insulation system diagram

To meet the challenge, Hush Acoustics proposed three fully tested acoustic wall systems, each offering varying build-up thicknesses and sound reduction levels ranging from good to better and best.

After thorough discussions between the Hush team and the homeowner, it was agreed that the Hush HD1041 Acoustic Wall Lining System would deliver the optimal solution. This system utilises a combination of high-performing acoustic materials, resulting in a wall lining that is only 55mm deep.

The HD1041 system consists of a 15mm Fireline board installed over a 13mm Hush-Multi panel, a versatile soundboard or gypsum plasterboard with high mass levels for optimal acoustic performance.

These components are fixed to 27mm Hush Deep Resilient Bars, allowing for the creation of a void where Hush-Slab 25 Sound Absorbers can be installed.

All perimeters are sealed using Hush-Isolation Tape and Hush acoustic sealant to ensure a comprehensive soundproofing solution.

The homeowner enlisted a local contractor to handle the installation of the acoustic wall system, with Hush providing full technical support and supervision throughout the process.

The results of the installation were immediately noticeable. As a fully tested system that complies with all UK Building Regulations, including Approved Document E for England & Wales, the HD1041 system achieved an airborne acoustic performance level of 48 dB, surpassing the current minimum requirement of 45 dB specified in Part E1, which focuses on soundproofing against the noise from adjacent buildings.

The client expressed their satisfaction with the improvements brought about by the system’s installation, stating,

“We have completed the work on the wall, and the results are excellent. The neighbours can barely hear anything now, and they no longer get disturbed when my son is up in the middle of the night. A heartfelt thank you to you and the team.”

The Hush HD1041 Acoustic Wall Lining System was the primary product utilized in this project, showcasing its effectiveness in resolving the noise issue while minimising the impact on room size.

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