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Moregoeous Mansions

Client:Moregoeous Mansions
Region:North West

A common issue with living in older residential properties is the high levels of sound transmission due to the poor structure of houses built decades ago. This issue was temporarily dealt with through fitting thick underlay and carpets or constructing false ceilings in rooms to conceal soft sound-insulation. However, over time as the world has grown louder with technology, a stronger solution is now the only option.


Special thin acoustic underlay can be laid out underneath carpet, laminate and engineered timber floor finishes to cushion impact noises, such as our Hush Felt Underlay designed to isolate the final floor finish and improve impact acoustic performance.

Thicker soft-insulation rolled or cut in between floor joists helps soak up noise such as the Hush Slab 100, which can fill separating floors, walls and ceilings, utilising renewable energy and a sustainable source of raw material.

Walls which divide houses, also known as party walls, can be improved by an acoustic plasterboard or more of an advanced product like our Hush Wall Board from standard plasterboard systems.

Moregeous Mansions

In September at the 100% Design trade show, we had the chance of meeting Sian Astley, a Manchester-based property renovator, interior designer and TV presenter who runs the blog Moregeous Mansions.

She was undergoing a large renovation on her property which included an extension and dormer bedroom construction, and visited our stand based in the rear most hall to scout out for a retrofit product as the floor of the dormer was already built.

We suggested our HUSH Panels, made of sheets of chipboard or plywood which have acoustic panels attached. These are laid unfixed along the floor, combined with our acoustic joist strips, creating a floating system as sound travels through nails and other fixings. The acoustic panels vary between different thickness according to the level of sound transmission. This cushioning helps to reduce and soften the impact of heavy footsteps and lesson airborne noise.

For the dormer bedroom, Sian fitted our Hush Ply 28 of a slimmer thickness due to the LVT Amtico floor and limited height in the room due to the low hanging ceiling. Sian claims after our panels were laid down (glued to reduce the level of noise further) that “even though the bathroom below isn’t plasterboarded out yet, the noise levels are already reduced, both airborne and impact.”

She plans to use the Hush Ply 28 in the 57mm thickness for her next extension.

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