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Convert older buildings with confidence using Hush Acoustics’ dependable separating floor system

A fully tested, building regulations-compliant acoustic treatment system from Hush Acoustics overcomes the challenge of achieving high levels of sound insulation in the separating floors of older building conversions which feature lath and plaster ceilings.

The HD1033 Hush Acoustic System LP/MF17 brings together a variety of sound insulating materials that work together to transform the acoustic properties of floors/ceilings in material change of use projects, particularly where multiple properties are being created within the same building.

It is ideally suited to conversion projects where an old office or commercial building is being redeveloped to form new residential, hotel or multi-purpose accommodation, helping to unlock the potential of older property assets by making building regulations compliance a reality.

The key benefit of the HD1033 system is its ability to reduce the potential for airborne, impact and flanking sound transmission whilst keeping the existing floor and ceiling structure intact. Above the floor level, a Hush-Panel 17 floating floor is applied over the original boards or suitable structural deck which works in conjunction with the treatment to the underside of the lath and plaster ceiling below.

Here, Hush-Slab 100 sound absorber slabs are installed within the Hush-MF ceiling system which is finished with 2 layers of Soundbloc plasterboards to effectively stop sound in its path. Breaking the connection of the floating flooring to the walls reduces impact noise turning into a form of flanking sound (sound that transmits around the major insulating elements). This is achieved through the use of Hush Perimeter Seal around the floating floor edge.

Being tested a complete system, HD1033 ensures that separating floors can meet the requirements of Approved Document E in England and Wales, Section 5 (Scotland) and Part G in Northern Ireland. The system also offers a one hour fire resistance at ceiling level.

The HD1033 Hush Acoustic System LP/MF17 is the ideal solution for providing the required levels of sound insulation in the separating floors of older buildings which feature lath and plaster ceilings.

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