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Can Noisy Environments Cause Long-Term Damage to your Hearing?

In the UK, 11 million people suffer with hearing loss. Studies from Action on Hearing Loss estimate that by 2035 this will rise to 15.6 million – one in five of us.

Although we can’t always prevent hearing loss, exposure to Loud Noises can cause serious damage to your hearing. Noise levels are measured in decibels (dB) and any sound over 85dB can be harmful, especially if we’re exposed to it for a long time. From there, every increase of 3dB means that the sound intensity is doubled. So a sound of 88dB is twice as intense as a sound of 85dB, even though it won’t sound twice as loud. An increase of 10dB, however, will sound twice as loud and three times as intense to the human ear.

Below are some examples of dB ratings that give an idea of how loud this can be:

  • Whispering – 30dB
  • Conversation – 60dB
  • Busy traffic – 70 to 85dB
  • Motorbike – 90dB
  • Listening to music on full volume through headphones – 100 to 110dB
  • Plane taking off – 120-140dB

Exposure to some of these noises is unavoidable. That’s why here at Hush, we want to make sure we are helping to prevent hearing loss by manufacturing products to dampen the sounds around us. The statistics on hearing loss are worrying, so raising awareness of good soundproofing products and systems will have a positive effect on everyone’s future.

Building Regulation Guidelines, such as Document E (England & Wales), Section 5 (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland), determine the correct levels of noise reduction between connected residential units. These documents regulate the amount of noise that should be reduced through internal construction.
This can stop your noise and that of others affecting hearing loss, sleep and even developing mental/emotional health problems.

Hush Acoustics can specify products and systems to meet these Building Regulations Guidelines. We can also help reduce sound in areas that do not come under the guidelines such as property and building refurbishment, even if they were built before these standards came into force.

Hearing loss from noise in the work place is a huge issue, and this is something Hush Acoustics also specialises in. Noisy work environments such as factories and machinery contribute greatly to hearing loss. It is imperative you look at and manage these noisy environments closely. Hearing defenders, semi-regular breaks and enclosures are 3 quick solutions to hearing-loss in the work place.

The knock-on effects of Hearing Loss can be awful and very distressing. withdrawal from social situations; emotional distress; depression and loneliness, are some of the common outcomes caused by Hearing Loss. Hush Acoustics are here to advise how to make any are quieter to prevent these issues occurring. Contact us today on 0151 515 4566 or via our contact page.

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