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The relationship between autism and sound insulation

Hush Acoustics Sponsor Beat Autism Fundraiser for World Autism Awareness Week

As part of World Autism Awareness Week 2019, Hush Acoustics have sponsored a fundraising drive for the charity Beat Autism. Based in Wakefield, Beat Autism supports families who have children diagnosed with Autism and is the only charity in the area that offers specialist support. The Charity was founded by Sharon Firth who decided to set up her own support organisation after two of her sons were diagnosed with autism. It is a truly inspirational project and we were delighted to get the opportunity to work with them.

Hush Acoustics are very aware of the strong links between people with autism and their relationship to sound and acoustics. Therefore, we are proud to have sponsored this local charity due to its unique work with children and families living with Autism.

The links between Autism and Acoustic Systems

It is now recognised that sound can be a trigger for anyone with Autism; some thrive from noise, but many others struggle with sudden noise or noisy environments and this can be a behavioural trigger for them.

As an organisation that deals with acoustic and sound insulation, Children with Autism is of particular interest to us. For example, it can be very difficult for children with Autism to have a positive educational experience if the acoustics within the school are not correct. We recognise the value of ensuring acoustics within schools and the home are at optimal levels; guaranteeing that all children get the best learning and living environments possible.

We believe that by helping with this charity and spreading the word about the importance of room acoustics for people living with Autism, we will be able to offer support, insight and advice on the best solutions for unwanted noise issues.

Beat Autism Charity Event & Fundraiser

The Beat Autism charity event launched on Saturday 30th April and acted as a starting pistol for a week of specialised events in support of the charity and to raise awareness of autism across the region. The event was a great success and included five sponsored teams doing a 20-mile charity walk with a total of 75 challenges en route – including our own sponsored team, Winealot Ladies.

Beat Autism founder, Sharon said:

“We have been planning this event for a long time and we wanted it to be crazier than ever. We made up a series of challenges that were fun and engaged both the teams and the public. It was such a special day and we’re very grateful to Hush Acoustics for their support.”

Challenges included a number of quirky tasks which were set for each team. Some of the more entertaining tasks were asking a stranger to dance with them, busking in public and encouraging impromptu dance routines, riding someone’s bike, getting handcuffed by a member of the police and door knocking around the area and asking to get in a bath or a shower.

This was all documented throughout the day with a series of blog posts and live videos all put up on the Beat Autism Facebook page. Teams were rewarded with points for each completed task and extra points for creative social media posts and documenting their mammoth journeys with video and photographic content.
We Sponsored the Winealot Ladies Team

The Beat Autism charity fundraising event was a huge success and caused quite the splash across Wakefield. With 5 teams all engaging with people and organisations across the area, the charity managed to raise a lot of awareness and support- not to mention the generous financial contributions from the public. Over £2500 was raised just in bucket collections alone and the charity are still receiving donations five days late.

We were proud to sponsor the Winealot Ladies team and they certainly did us and the charity proud. Check out the Beat Autism Facebook page where videos can be seen of their epic journey around Wakefield – completing quirky tasks and pushing a shopping trolley over 20 miles. We congratulate both our team and the charity on a truly amazing event and we offer our continued support for such a worthy cause.

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