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Robust Details Compliance

Hush are an eco-friendly company and as pioneers of sound reducing systems, we ensure that our Floating Acoustic Flooring products meet UK building requirements, including the Robust Details Scheme, which truly is a marker of quality sound insulation. (All products that comply are marked)

What is Robust Details?

The Robust Details Scheme is the successor to pre-completion sound testing (PCT) and measures the ‘resistance to the passage of sound’ in separating walls and floors in new builds. Any separating wall or floor which, in the field, consistently demonstrates compliance with the performance standards in the Building Regulations (Part E) can be described as ‘A Robust Detail’, as assessed and approved by Robust Details Limited. Approval also depends on the material being practical to build on site and it being ‘reasonably tolerant to workmanship’. If a material has been designed to Robust Detail standards, PCT does not have to be carried out, saving time, money, and effort. The assessment is stringent – Robust Details Limited monitor the performance of built Robust Details to ensure the soundness of the scheme and will remove any consistently under performing Detail.

Complying with Robust Details

All of our* Floating Acoustic Flooring range exceeds Part E of the Building Regulations* and most comply with the Robust Details Scheme, demonstrating the quality and strength of our products, which are regarded as the very best on the market. Our range consists of structural boards and overlay boards; our structural boards are all compatible with a range of Hush-Systems and are incredibly quick and easy to install, while our overlay boards are renowned for their resilience. Versatile and adaptable, the boards can be used in a myriad of settings, including new builds, schools, gyms, factories, and hospitals. As with our other soundproofing products, Hush floating acoustic floors are available with complete technical details, installation documentation and online support, to ensure you get the most from your acoustic product.

At Hush, we take great care to design and manufacture products that adhere to the top standards of the acoustic industry, consistently delivering strong, high quality flooring. The Robust Details Scheme is essential to ensuring that everyday building materials exceed Building Regulations and provide excellent sound insulation wherever they are used.

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