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Hush Solar Sound insulation for soundproofing

Hush Solar Extra PGR500

Suitable for:

  • domestic
  • residential
  • industrial
  • education
  • healthcare
  • leisure

Hush Solar Sound Insulation Extra PGR5000 is made from granulatedrubber. The granules are treated with a PUR binder and pressed in a mould until reaching the desired specific weight. The cut to size sheets are laminated on one side with a UV and weather protection film with aluminium insert, which prevents plasticizer migration and thus the embrittlement of the roofing material.

For advice on the use of Hush Solar Extra PGR500, as part of a system within any project, please contact our experienced technical team on 0151 933 2026 who will be happy to give comprehensive and practical advice to meet with your requirements.

Product Data

  • Weight: 700 - 840 Kg/m3
  • Tensile Strength: >1.000kPa
  • Tear resistance: >30%
  • Medium Theoretical Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 0.1400 W/mK
  • Temperature Resistance: -400 to +900 (max) C
  • Hardness CC40: 1.000 kPa Based on DIN EN ISO 3386-2
  • Electromagnetic Shielding at 1 GHz: Ca. 40 max. dB
  • Water Permeability: <0.04g/m2/24h DIN 53 122
  • Flammability Rating: (> 6mm) E DIN EN 13501-1 DIN EN ISO 11925-2
  • Environmental Behaviour: Prevented by the film lamination
A high density acoustic barrier to help reduce airborne and impact noise into the roof structure A reflective aluminium face to reflect heat back to the solar panels to enhance performance

Full fitting instructions are supplied with all products and are available to download from the Installation Guides section.

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