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Helping Specifiers Find Future-Proof Solutions for New Build Homes

The way we live is changing. The speed of development in technology for communication, education, commerce and leisure has made it pretty difficult for the construction industry to keep up with the need for better acoustic solutions for new build homes, so how do specifiers make sure they stay well informed?

For the most part, it comes down to a couple of things. Understanding products is important, as you need to know what options are available for tackling the challenges of every individual project. But before that comes learning about the things that cause poor acoustic performance in the first place.

The Issue of Reverberation

One of the core things to understand when it comes to bad acoustics is reverberation. Where sound is allowed to bounce on hard surfaces, reverberation noise can be created. Of course, if you are intentionally trying to fill a room with sound, you wouldn’t think this were a bad thing, but you’ll usually find that sound of this type can be at best intrusive, or at worst just cacophonous.

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Acoustics vs Minimalism

The problem is, over the years we’ve become more and more enamored with large, open spaces that boast lots of light and clean, cool lines. Minimalism is no bad thing, but for every bare wall or glass panel, the greater the possibility of reverberation. Our heavy curtains, carpets, couches and cluttered bookshelves used to protect us against this, but a greater focus on simpler design has led to bigger headaches for acoustic technicians.

Not that it’s impossible to balance minimalist beauty with practical acoustics. In fact, if you have the right products, you can do so in a way that not only meets the rapidly out-dating current legislation, you can actually future proof it for decades to come – no matter what type of building you are working on.

Get the Right Products

At Hush Acoustics, our range of products and systems are designed to work in all sorts of combinations. Whether large or small, new or old, we have what you need to protect your projects from poor acoustic performance. Not only that, but we pride ourselves on constantly researching and improving what we do – so if its future proofing is important to you, speak to us.

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