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Hush Acoustic Panels installed to prevent office noise

How to soundproof an open-plan office

All of us do our best work in different environments. Some work better with music, some need complete silence and some like the sound of a coffee grinder in the background.

But what happens when our ideal working environment is constantly disrupted by the incessant chatter from noisy colleagues? How does this affect our productivity?

The problems with noisy offices

Nerve cells in our brains called neurones receive signals from our ears that lets us locate the source of noise around us. Noise pollution makes it difficult for to distinguish between meaningful sounds and words, which can result in stress, higher blood pressure and disrupted sleep patterns.

People who work in busy open-plan offices are also more likely to suffer from headaches, stress and irritability. They’re even more prone to illness, which could affect their productivity further down the line.

Office noise is noxious and corrupting, both mentally and physically. One recent study by Bond University in Australia investigated the effects of open-plan office on things like cognitive performance with a significant causal relationship existing between them too! The research found that high pitched sounds such as laughter or vocalisations has been linked to increased physiological stress while low pitches like speech were correlated positively for mood swing due 25%.

You can read more about the study Written by Dr Libby Sander, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Bond Business School, Bond University.

Open-plan office noise study

So what can be done to soundproof a busy office?

The most cost effective way to soundproof an office is to use acoustic panels that absorb sound. This is a great way to reduce what many people explain an echo in your open-office while keeping the talking level at a constant. It reduces distractions and improves speech privacy while simultaneously letting workers stay productive in busy environments.

Polysorb Acoustic Panel

These systems also help create a better working atmosphere for employees, which makes them a highly sought after product among employers who want their workers’ who want their workers’ undivided attention without the distractions of a busy office.

You can read about how acoustic panels work here.

How do we install office soundproofing panels?

These sound absorbing panels can be installed on walls and ceilings or sound absorbing baffles that hang from the ceiling. Products including Hush Acoustic Panel Absorber 50 are ideally suited to this purpose – it is a Class A product, manufactured using a specially formulated 50mm thick acoustic foam, hand finished with interior fabric that is applied to the face, edges and back return.

Acoustic panels that absorb sound can also be installed as desk dividers and partition walls in busy offices. You could even go the extra mile and use a soundproof wall covering that not only look great but are extremely effective on solid walls

To install effective acoustic panels, a site visit and survey will need to be conducted to calculate the current effects of noise in the room. A report will be produced that will dictate where these absorption products should be placed.

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