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How the Hush-Panel 28 Soundproof Flooring Works

Impact sound can be dramatically reduced in the separating floors of domestic, commercial and public buildings by using Hush-Panel 28 to create a floating floor.

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This high performance 28mm acoustic boardis already the UK’s most specified acoustic overlay panel, but it can also be used structurally, subject to the condition and/or treatment of the existing timber joists.

Installed correctly with all the necessary complementary products to ensure the main sound transmission paths and flanking noise are treated, Hush-Panel 28 is ideal for achieving a performance level that exceeds the requirements of all UK Building Regulations relating to acoustics, including Approved Document E. In addition, Hush-Panel 28 is Robust Details FFT5 compliant for floor structures EFC-1, EFC-2 and EFS-1.

A combination of high quality 18mm P5 moisture resistant chipboard and a unique 10mm resilient layer create a solution that gives specifiers, contractors and clients the scope to upgrade the acoustic performance of floor structures economically with a thoroughly tested product that is proven in the field.

Key to its performance is its Hush-Felt resilient layer which is bonded to the tongue and groove chipboard. This unique acoustic impact layer is manufactured from recycled fibres to a special formulation which is needle punched to make it ideal for long term use in acoustic floor constructions. It is an environmentally friendly, rot proof polypropylene layer that is pleasant to handle and requires no precautions against skin or respiratory irritation.

Hush-Felt meets the requirements of UK Building Regulations for density of 80-140kgs/m³ and its formulation avoids the initial ‘bounce’ associated with certain foam materials used in other types of floor panels. It has further advantages over similar products made from foam as it is unaffected by heating pipes or sealed elements, and it will not harden, deteriorate or be prone to compression set. And when used as an overlay board, the Hush-Felt resilient layer accommodates minor undulations of the floor surface too.

Once installed, Hush-Panel 28 provides a level surface for the easy application of all kinds of floor treatments and coverings, including ceramic tiles by fitting a permalayer prior to tiling. A peel-clean version is also available which makes it easier for contractors to achieve spotless client handovers.

Hush-Panel 28 is one of wide range of high quality acoustic insulation products and fully tested complete systems from Hush Acoustics which help achieve higher acoustic performance in new build, material change of use and refurbishment projects.

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