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Hush Bar Enhanced Resilient Clip and Bar System

Suitable for:

  • domestic
  • residential
  • industrial
  • education
  • healthcare
  • leisure

The Hush resilient clip system dramatically reduces both airborne and impact noise transfer between adjacent rooms typically producing an additional 5 to 6 dB improvement on some resilient bar systems. The system has been designed to be flexible, simple and easy to install. It is a 2 part system as opposed to some of the more complex multi-part systems often used where acoustic isolation/decoupling is required.

Hush resilient clips are made of a strong, flexible and lightweight material. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different thicknesses of ceiling drywall or other surfaces where soundproofing is desired. The clips can be easily installed by drilling holes for the screws and then attaching them into place with screws or nails. It`s an easy way to improve your comfort level at home or work without breaking the bank.

For advice on the use of Hush Bar Enhanced Resilient Clip and Bar System, as part of a system within any project, please contact our experienced technical team on 0151 933 2026 who will be happy to give comprehensive and practical advice to meet with your requirements.

Acoustic Performance - Typical Results*

Hush Bar Enhanced helps to ensure compliance with Document E (England & Wales), Section 5 of the Scottish Building Standards (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland). By de-coupling the internal lining system with Hush Bar Enhanced the acoustic performance can be enhanced by more than 23 dB on standard systems and 5 to 6 dB on some existing resilient bar systems.

Product Data

  • 3 Simple - so installation costs are low.
  • 3 Effective - additional 5-6 dB performance on traditional resilient bar ca. 23dB improvement.
  • 3 Fool-proof - 2 Part as opposed to multi part system. 3 Strong - superior load bearing capacity.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with all products and are available to download from the Installation Guides section.

Should you have any technical questions prior to or during installation, please call 0151 933 2026 for friendly and straightforward advice.

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