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Triple Layer Acoustic Rubber Matting

Hush Triple Layer – Acoustic Rubber Insulation

Suitable for:

  • domestic
  • residential
  • industrial
  • education
  • healthcare

Hush Triple Layer is a high performing acoustic for system comprising of high mass barrier mats that are isolated by a unique resilient material. This engineered acoustic product ensures superior acoustic performance is achieved when reducing impact sound. The product also contributes to general noise reduction due to it’s high mass levels, something that is not normally the case with acoustic for products. When used in the correct applications, the Hush Triple Layer can be used over most existing construction types to help achieve compliance to all UK Building Regulations.

For advice on the use of Hush Triple Layer – Acoustic Rubber Insulation, as part of a system within any project, please contact our experienced technical team on 0151 933 2026 who will be happy to give comprehensive and practical advice to meet with your requirements.

Acoustic Performance - Typical Results*

Impact lntw dB Airborne dntw dB ctr dB
47 61 49
Results based on Hush Triple Layer above a timber structure with a resilient ceiling and all flanking paths removed.

Test Data

Results based on Hush Triple Layer above a timber structure with a resilient ceiling and all flanking paths removed.

Product Data

  • Size = 1000 x 600mm
  • (nominal) Thickness = 18mm
  • Weight = 21kg/m²
  • Cutting: By sharp long bladed trimming knife.

    Score the surface then run through with knife several times to avoid tearing. When shaping, use large scissors or tin snips. A circular saw should be used for large numbers of straight cuts.
  • Building Regulations Part E (England and Wales), Section 5 (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland)
  • Excellent Impact sound performance levels due to it’s unique design
  • Improves airborne sound insulation.
  • Simply laid under most floor finishes.
  • Easily cut and shaped.
  • Suitable for over timber or concrete floor structures
  • Hush Triple Layer must be laid fat and kept dry.
  • Hush Triple Layer should only be stored on site if the building has been sealed and is completely dry.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with all products and are available to download from the Installation Guides section.

Should you have any technical questions prior to or during installation, please call 0151 933 2026 for friendly and straightforward advice.

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